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Core Performance | What are you marked on? | HSC Dance

Core Performance, it seems like a simple enough task as a dancer. Learn a dance and then perform it. Sounds pretty simple ... right? Honestly, it kind of is, but it also has so much more substance than that.

Core Performance has TWO different components that you are marked on. The first component is technique and the second is performance quality. Most dancers think that 'studio technique' is the same as technique taught in a classroom setting at high school. Depending on who is teaching you out side of school, this is generally false. The technique that most of your studio teachers educate you in is vastly different to that of the standard of NESA. This has to do with the idea of safe dance and how the application of correct theoretical knowledge to the body assists with the performance of skills.

HSC Dance is focused on the safe application of dance through both technique and performance quality. The markers will look at how you perform body skills in relation to both technique and the application of the elements of dance. The consistency of your performance is important, as well as level of difficulty. Dancers must work within their limitations, where a lot of dancers try to push themselves beyond that. This often results in the performance of incorrect and unsafe dance technique. Working beyond your limitations often compromises the lines of a dancer, therefore, aesthetically is a detriment to a dancers performance.

Do you want to find out how you can improve your Core Performance execution, which in turn will improve your exam mark. We offer the following services to help you:

  • Film yourself performing your Core Performance dance and send it in for in-depth feedback in relation to both technique and performance quality. This service includes a 30 minute video tuition call with a qualified tutor who will talk you through your feedback and give you exercises to improve your performance. Click here to book:

  • Book in for a video tuition call with a qualified tutor where we can watch a pre-recorded version of your dance and talk through it together. Click here to book:

  • To find out more information as to why you should pick our service over a face-to-face tutor, click here:

Keep Dancing,

Helena Kyriacou

Bachelor of Dance Education

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