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helena adele dance co.?

What is the Helena Adele Dance Co. experience?

Helena Adele Dance Co. is a dance education website that provides students with resources in order to succeed in the HSC Dance course.


Tutoring services include:

  • Send in videos of practical works including composition and performance, where they will receive in-depth feedback and a one-on-one video call to de-brief all feedback.

  • Send in Appreciation essays for feedback.

  • Book an in person tutoring session for all performance, composition and appreciation (email to book this service).

  • Video conferencing with tutor which can include, but it not limited to breaking down practical feedback, essay writing and interview skills, where they will receive in-depth feedback and a one-on-one video call to de-brief all feedback.


How does the Helena Adele Dance Co. experience differ from other tutoring services?


Helena Adele Dance Co. offers different learning tools for students. Helena, our tutor, has a Bachelor of Dance Education, which means that she fully understands all content and creates the resources to suit many different learning styles and needs.


The video submission service allows students to film their dance works in their own time and submit, where they will be received detailed feedback. This service comes with a video conferencing de-brief which allows students to clarify information or ask for more! When submitting the video, students can expect detailed and clear feedback in relation to both strengths and weaknesses, and pointers on how to improve. 


Submitting an essay for feedback is very beneficial to students, as they will receive in -depth feedback in relation to both content and essay writing styles. The student may also want to book in a video conferencing service, where both the tutor and student can access a live version of the document. Just like taking a driving lesson with a driving instructor, only from the convenience of your own home!


We are very excited to provide these services to you!


If you need any further information please email us at 

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