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Why Helena Adele Dance Co. over a face-to-face tutor?

Helena Adele Dance Co. offers many different learning tools for students. This includes subscription services to HSC Dance learning resources at your finger tips! Video call conferencing is available and students have the opportunity to submit their videos for an in-depth analysis and then debrief with the tutor over a video call.

Why is this more beneficial?

Tutors with a Bachelor of Dance Education can charge $80 + an hour for their services. During this time, they can chose what information to give to you and what to keep from you. If they keep information from you, this means you have to ask them back, therefore, extra $$$ for them.

With Helena Adele Dance Co. you have access to resources at your fingertips. Anywhere. Anytime. This means that whenever you need them, they are there.

$50 a fortnight gets you access to either Core Performance or Core Composition resources. $95 a fortnight gives you access to both!

We haven't forgotten about Core Appreciation. These resources are on there way and will be onsite soon!

If you had a HSC Dance tutor, you would probably need to see them once a week which could cost you $160 vs $50 .... I know which one I would rather!

How does the video submission + video conferencing work?

Students are able to film their Core/Major Performances and/or Core/Major Composition works and submit it to the HSC Dance tutor. The tutor will then go through the content with a fine tooth comb and provide in-depth feedback on what can be done to improve. Once the tutor has finished analysing your video, you will then have access to a 30 min video call with the tutor to talk through the feedback.

If you had a face-to-face tutor, the price would be higher as you would be paying for the use of the space + the tutors services. This way, you are getting written feedback that you keep + a video call to ensure you fully understand the feedback.

  • Core Performance/Composition = $80

  • Major Performance/Composition = $90

If you would prefer a video call only this can also be arranged:

  • 30 min call = $50

  • 60 min call = $80

We are very excited to provide these services to you!

If you need any further information please email us at helenaadeledanceco@outlook.com 

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