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Who are we and what do we do?

Helena Adele Dance Co. is a dance education website that provides students the opportunity to succeed beyond their expectations in dance. This includes both Preliminary and HSC Dance as well as dance skills relevant to dance performance and technique.
We offer TWO forms of tutoring:
1. HSC Dance Tutoring (online and face to face)
2. General dance training (online and face to face)
HSC Dance Tutoring
Helena Adele Dance Co. offers the following services for Preliminary and HSC Dance students:​
  • Subscriptions to Core Performance, Core Composition and Core Appreciation study resources
  • Video call service to assist with deeper understanding of content. This includes breaking down practical feedback, essay writing and interview skills
  • Dancers are able to send in video recordings of their practical works, including composition and performance, where they will receive in-depth feedback and a one-on-one video call to de-brief all feedback.
General Dance Training
Helena Adele Dance Co. offers face-to-face training for students who are wanting to
  • Prepare for dance auditions including musical theatre roles, high school dance programs, elite dance groups and/or companies.
  • Prepare for competition routines including working on refining existing routines or learning an entire new routine choreographed by our tutor
  • Working towards specific dance skills safely
  • Private and group lessons

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