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Helena Adele Kyriacou

HSC Dance Specialist

Helping you achieve your dance potential!


Helena graduated from University in 2011 with a  Double Bachelors Degree in Dance & PDHPE Education.

She is a passionate teacher, where Helena believes all students should be given equal opportunity. Helena focuses on all students feeling as though they can be successful, where she nurtures them into strong and confident dancers, regardless of their body limitations. She became a teacher to allow students who feel different to succeed and achieve the highest marks possible, whilst nurturing their talent and passion.

According to Helena’s pedagogy, all students will be given the resources and learn the skills to overcome any body limitations or insecurities about their technique or performance qualities. There is the focus on positive feedback, where the educational environment will be safe and nurturing for all students.

Helena is now permanent teacher where she recieves accolades for her students achievements in dance.

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