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HSC Dance | Posture, Placement and Alignment | Core/Major Performance

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

I know what you are thinking. My posture is fine! I've been doing ballet for years! To that I say, fantastic, I'm glad that you know how to execute correct posture in both simple and complex movement sequences. BUT, can you explain to me what posture, placement and alignment is?

You need to have an understanding of what posture is and how it is applicable to dance. There also must be the understanding of how bad posture is a detriment on someones dancing abilities.

Knowing parallel and turnout position is not enough information to get you through your interview. You need to be able to explain this is DETAIL.

Alignment. This is one that everyone thinks they have a grasp of. This may be true, most dancers have a basic understanding of alignment, but can't talk about it in detail in relation to performance quality, or how this differs from locomotor to non-locomotor sequences