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The HSC Dance Specialists

Unlocking your dance potential

 ​​Qualified HSC Dance Tutor
(Bachelor of Dance Education)

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Preliminary & HSC Dance
Tutoring Service 

Helena Adele Dance Co. offers a quality bespoke tutoring service for students wanting to unlock their potential and excel in Preliminary and HSC Dance. We offer tutoring in core performance, core composition, core appreciation and all major component areas.

Core Performance & Core Composition & Major Works

Want to unlock your potential to perform in you core and major practical components of HSC Dance? We have the services to help you on your way to dance greatness!

- Send in a video for detailed and personalised feedback

(includes ZOOM call)

- Work on interview skills via ZOOM

Modern Ballet Dancers

Core and Major Appreciation

Would like to better understand Sarabande, Terrain and your Major Study? You can:

- ZOOM call with our qualified tutor to discuss the works

- Send in an essay for detailed and personalised feedback

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