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Video Submission Service: What is it?

The video submission service is great for students who want in-depth and personalised feedback in writing. The dance tutor will go through your videos with a fine tooth comb and let you know what your strengths are and what you need to work on. Not only do we tell you what to work on, you will also get information on how to work on it. Meaning, you will get the tools you need to continue to improve.

This service is appropriate for:

☞ Students studying Core Performance, Core Composition, Major Performance and Major Composition

☞ Students who perform at competitions and would like feedback to improve

☞ Students who would just like to improve in general, whether they compete or not.

I know, I know. You are probably thinking that your teacher already does this, and I'm sure they do. But...

☞ How many times do you get one-on-one attention in the classroom?

☞ Does your teacher write all feedback down for you every time and give you the written feedback to keep?

☞ Do they give you the exercises needed for you to improve in that skill?

☞ Do they discuss how you need to address these corrections in an interview setting to use to your advantage?

☞ Is there someone in your class that requires more attention, therefore, you are left with minimal feedback as you are the 'dancer' of the class?

Don't get me wrong. This is nothing against your teacher. I am a teacher in a high school and I know how difficult it is to attend to every single student with detail. I do it, but it is very hard work and not everyone has the time for this.

The benefit of this service means that you get to keep the feedback, revise it and continue to work on it. After the tutor has provided you the written feedback, you have the option to engage in a video chat session to break down the feedback and discuss any questions you may have. If you find it easier to listen to feedback, I can also record voice overs on your dances so that you can listen to the feedback as a reminder while you practice. This is a 30 min chat and is included in the price!

The fact that there are no studio hire prices, you are definitely getting more for your buck! Your money is purely going to our service rather than the performance space.

If you want to find out more about this service click here:

Find out the benefits of our tutoring service over a face-to-face tutor:

Find out more about our tutor:

Alternatively, please feel free to email us at if you have any further questions about this service.

Keep dancing,

Helena Adele Kyriacou

Bachelor of Dance

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