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Writing About Terrain | Bangarra Dance Theatre | HSC Dance

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Terrain, performed by Bangarra Dance Theatre and choreographed by Frances Rings, is a work that explores nine interconnected sections that focuses on Aboriginal people's belonging to place.

IMPORTANT: Students often write Bangarra Dance Theatre as Bangarra Dance Company. When writing about Terrain, make sure that you refer to Bangarra as a THEATRE and not a dance COMPANY.

In order to fully understand Terrain, you must have:

  • Watched the entire work from beginning to end with no breaks

  • Researched Lake Eyre

  • Researched Bangarra Dance Company history in order to fully understand what they are about.

  • Watched interviews that Frances Rings has been a part of in relation to the dance work.

  • Research Bangarra Dance Theatre in order to understand what they are about and what is important to them.

Researching and watching the work isn't all you have to do. In order to achieve a band 6 you must: