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Core Appreciation | HSC Dance | Sarabande + Terrain

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Appreciation analysis and essay writing can be a difficult task if you haven't been given the tools to help you succeed.

When my students begin to study appreciation in dance, they often struggle with making connections between the movement and how the motifs have been manipulated with the use of transitions, sequencing and form to create meaning.

They then find the process of essay writing even harder. To be honest, most students that I get studying dance have actually never been taught how to write an essay properly. Every time it blows my mind, even though I know it is coming. I sit there, and I write with them, constantly, until they understand the language and style that needs to be used in order to write a successful essay.

Dance essays require for you to paint a clear picture in the markers head whilst being concise and relevant to the question. You must back up what you are saying and not just assume that the marker thinks the same.