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How does it work?

Summary of resources:

  1. Digital resources via subscription services

  2. Video conferencing

  3. Submission of videos for feedback

Digital Resources ONLY

Price varies depending on chosen pack

Students who opt for the digital resources will have access to WRITTEN and ANIMATED resources ONLY.  

  • Preliminary and HSC Core Performance 

    • Study guides include (more coming soon):

      • Body skills

      • Body awareness

      • Warm up and cool down

      • Types of stretches

      • S.M.A.R.T dance

      • The skeletal system

      • The muscular system

      • Components of a dance class

      • Components of body maintenance

      • Dance injuries, treatment and prevention

      • Performance quality

      • The core muscles

        • All of these resources include how to talk about these topics in an interview setting.​

  • ​​Preliminary and HSC Core Composition 

    • Study guides include (more coming soon):

      • Process of composition

      • Stimuli

      • Motif

      • Repetition

      • Variation and contrast

      • Stage position and design

  • HSC Core Appreciation Terrain by Bangarra Dance Theatre 

    • Study guides include (more coming soon):

      • Interpretation of the work - context, genre, subject matter, meaning and significant

      • Components - movement, spatial elements, dynamics elements, aural elements, dancers and setting and environment

      • Motif

      • Motif into Phrase

  • HSC Core Appreciation Sarabande by Jiri Kylian

    • Skills of analysis - components, movement, spatial elements, dynamic elements, aural elements, dancers and setting and environment.

    •  organising the movement (form/structure) - motif, phrase and motif into phrase.

    • organising the dance - sequencing, transition, repetition, variation and contrast, formal structure and unity.

    • interpretation of the work - context, genre, subject matter, meaning and significance.

By booking ONLY

Students who opt in to video conferencing will have the opportunity to engage in individualised learning. It is an online tutoring service for students who would like extra reassurance, guidance or understanding of dance concepts. This includes the understanding and application of Dance for Preliminary and HSC students, Stage 4 and 5 students and dancers who would just like to develop their skill set.

The student is in charge of filming and sending in for feedback.

Price differs depending on what the student is submitting for feedback.

This provides students the opportunity to video themselves performing whole or part dances, dance skills or their own compositions and submit it for feedback and critique. The tutor will thoroughly analyse the video footage and provides positive criticism as well as critiques for improvement. In relation to composition, the tutor will provide feedback in relation to the the manipulation of the elements of dance, generating movement in relation to both stimulus material and concept/intent, organising the movement and organising the dance.

With this service, you have the option of adding on video conferencing for live feedback whilst watching the recorded video with the tutor.

The price of this service will differ depending on what the student is submitting for feedback. For example, the submission of a single skill will be cheaper then the submission of an entire dance.

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