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Core Composition | Where Do You Start? | HSC Dance

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Starting your Core Composition can be daunting for most, where many get overwhelmed by the prospect of following a process. That is why I have created a textbook, 'A Guide to Core Composition', to assist students with their composition journeys. This book takes you through the process, step by step, and provides you with activities to help with your creative process.

The textbook breaks down topics in a way in which you will understand, and allows for you to begin to discover your own workings as a choreographer through different embedded activities. The textbook not only breaks down topics, but also guides you on HOW to do successfully explore them within your composition. The topics in the textbook include:


  1. Introduction: What is Core Composition

  2. Stimuli

  3. Concept and Intent

  4. Evaluate and Refine

  5. Motif

  6. Formal Structure

  7. Abstraction

  8. Repetition

  9. Variation and Contrast

  10. Unity

  11. You Are Ready (The Process)

So, where do you start?

You should start with tapping into your imagination and thinking of stimuli to begin to inspire the process. For example, you might want to base your composition on an auditory stimuli, where the stimulus is the sound of crashing waves. You then want to think about what you actually would like to communicate, and how you are going to communicate it through movement. Improvisation and the creation of your movement motif is next, where you then want to manipulate the movement in order to continue to portray meaning through movement.

The above is a basic overview of the composition process, however, there are many other components that you need to consider in order for your composition to be successful.

Many of you may have studied composition in Year 9 and 10 Dance at school. This would have provided you with the basic background knowledge on how to create in order to communicate an intent, which is great! For those of you who haven't, it's okay! You have a lot of time to understand the Core Composition and what it takes to achieve that Band 6 you are aiming for.

Click on the button to go to our textbook

If you would like further information on our textbook or assistance with HSC Dance and Core Composition, please email us at

Happy Learning,

Helena Adele

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