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Helena Adele Dance Co. is expanding into a face-to-face dance studio!
Helena Adele Dance Co. offers face-to-face training for students who are wanting to. We offer both private tuition and group classes.
Private Tuition
  • Prepare for dance auditions including musical theatre roles, high school dance programs, elite dance groups and/or companies.
  • Prepare for competition routines including working on refining existing routines or learning an entire new routine choreographed by our tutor
  • Working towards specific dance skills safely
Group Tuition
We will offer classes in the styles of:
  • Jazz
  • Lyrical/Contemporary
  • Musical Theatre Jazz
Where will classes be?
They will be held within the Sutherland Shire and/or St George Area.
Who is the teacher?
The teacher is Helena Adele Kyriacou. She holds a Bachelor of Dance Education and teaches at a prominent sports high school in the Sutherland Shire.
When will classes begin?
This is entirely dependant on the feedback you get from all of you!
What would a timetable look like for HADC classes?
*** This is a sample and not an accurate representation of days/times***
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